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Ever since games saw the light of day, they have been restlessly modified to suit the gamers’ equally changing taste, although some game stayed the same throughout the years, and a good example would be bubble shooter. Now this particular game has not changed much because, well, there’s no need to! It’s the same fun that you know and love, and while the presentation style looks a bit dated, there’s no reason for you to not have a good time.

If simplicity is beauty, then this game would have been the Mona Lisa, and while it really that much artistic in a sense, the gameplay still retains its charm. Nostalgia is at work here, and once you see that colorful cluster of bubbles, you’ll almost instinctively know what to do. Burst them by matching three or more of the same colored bubbles together. Simply use the mouse to aim your launcher to the left or to the right, and then click to shoot your bubble! There are some tricks for you to learn to make the game more interesting, like when you clear a line of bubbles and different colored bubbles are also hanging onto that line for dear life, then they get popped too! This is called an avalanche, and of course, more bubbles popped at the same time means a higher score! Try to score high because you can later send your score to the leaderboards, and it feels good to be a leader.

There’s just one game mode available for this game, and it’s play-at-your-leisure mode. But, even though there is no pressure for this game, you still shouldn’t waste your shots. Before you get lost in this game and shoot bubbles randomly, be reminded that there is such a thing as “fouls” in this game. If you shoot, and it didn’t clear a line of bubbles, well, do that a lot and a new line of bubbles appear from the top of the game screen. The number of fouls is shown as silver balls next to your launcher, and bubble shooter doesn’t want you to get too many fouls so as a form of help, the next bubble is shown on the left of your launcher. Now when too many new lines appear on the game screen and the cluster is already near your launcher, say your prayers. Let one bubble touch the bottom of the screen and it’s game over. Actually, there will be a lot of bubbles from the start of the game, so problems come early.

The settings can be changed in game. At the right of your game screen there’s the setup button and there you can change the color of your background, or the difficulty of the game, or activate the animation to make random bubbles shake up for no apparent reason, or see other features that can only be used in the deluxe version of the game. You can have a good time in playing this game, and you almost don’t have to wait for it to load since the game is very small, thanks to its minimal graphics.

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