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Shooting blocks with a ball has always been a familiar gameplay mechanic in flash games, and that’s probably because of its addicting nature that appeals to your competitive side, begging you to stay and finish the game for your own good. Simple yet satisfying is the Philosophy of Blosics, and a series is only fitting for this stress relieving game.

There will be an orange field somewhere in a level. This is the ball summoning area from which you’ll be taking your shots from. There are mainly four different sizes of balls that you can shoot with, but alas, these balls are worth points! You get a deduction for every ball that you release from the summoning area, and if it’s your first shot in a level, then you’ll get a negative score! Well you don’t have to worry about that so much because the blocks that you’ll be aiming for are worth a lot more than a ball and we’ll get to that later. Click somewhere on the ball summoning area then drag your mouse to adjust the path and strength of the shot. If you feel like you’re going to flop on your shot, then you can cancel your summon by pressing spacebar.

As for your target, the green blocks that you knock out of the screen will give you the points that you have to collect to move to the next level and the bigger the block, the more points you get. There is a quota on the top right of your screen and after you reach that number, there will be a three second delay before you can advance. This delay is for the game to know if there are still blocks that are about to fall which could still increase your score. However in some levels where there are blocks that reduce points, you might want to click ‘next’ immediately after it appears. These are the red blocks that you have to keep from falling off. Sometimes that is very hard to manage especially in levels where there is an ice floor, and blocks that were affected even with the smallest force, slide through said floor.

Besides these, there are also some crazy level designs going on in Blosics. Green and red blocks could be compressed in tiny spaces and very high accuracy is needed to knock off the right color of blocks. Sometimes you can’t aim for the blocks directly because it is being surrounded by walls and you have to make the ball bounce on them and into the point giving blocks. Sometimes they are just impossible...without a walkthrough at least.

Still, the game is a joy to play through. It feels like you’re playing from behind the clouds because of the animated background of the sky. The music is also relaxing, which can help with some of the more frustrating levels. The mechanics is simple and easy to pick up too, so Blosics can serve its purpose of giving you some time for enjoyment on those short breaks that you have every day.

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