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Play Jailbreakers

Escape from the dark and lonely prison in one elaborate scheme with the Jailbreakers. In this puzzle platforming game, you have to get the prisoner out of this forsaken place and break out into the free world. However lasers will be blocking your way and you can’t just walk over them because they kill you with a single touch. Wait for them to turn off before you pass through, and there is a pattern to their behaviours so you should stop for a while to observe. Sometimes there will be gates that you have to open with keys before you can move on to the exit

249 Users Played

Move with the mouse
Find the keys to open gates
Avoid the lasers
Q to exit
R to restart

full screen  armorgames  adventure

  • avatar
    Tareq (1711) - 2012-07-23, 14:39
    A simple looking awesome game. The game-play is to escape from the jail. Sounds easy but its not easy cause there is a timer factor. When I take a bit of time to think its game over as the timer runs out. Great puzzle game to give my brain a tough time.

  • avatar
    arjaego (1253) - 2012-04-02, 20:03
    the goal of the game is that you should try to help the prisoner get out of prison without being caught. take note also of the lasers, it can actually kill someone with just a single contact. the trick is that you should wait for them to turn off before proceeding.

  • avatar
    artetagerlene (462) - 2012-03-28, 11:33
    I can't imagine myself in the actual situation breaking out from the jail! This game is indeed very challenging, my mind really works as I was trying not to overlap the time. I like this game and I will surely make this one of my favorites.

  • avatar
    papamkow (90) - 2012-03-27, 05:06
    This game is great, very challenging and it requires your patience and the thing is, you cannot be patient for a long time because of the timer .hmm I really want to finish this game but it gets harder every level. well, goodluck to me then :)

  • avatar
    ktar83 (1182) - 2012-03-24, 17:19
    A great game where you might have to think a bit. Don't let that discourage you. This game has a lot of action and fun twists and turns. Give it a try

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