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Robots start to overthrow the humans from the seat of supremacy and the robot lord has ordered his minions to eradicate them. Defend your proud race in Robots Attack, where you will be playing as a human in his last stand against the death machines. In this tower defense game, you will be placing your turrets on a vertical tower, and your guns will have a range in the shape of a cone to successfully eliminate robots from the ground and in the air. This wonderful title has a short back story of the hero illustrated with a few beautiful comic strips Game review with video and screenshots here

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Build desired turrets by clicking on their icons at the bottom of the screen
Place them on the highlighted areas on the tower
Each turret has different range, firing speed, costs and characteristics
Destroying robots will award you money
Money can be used to build more turrets or upgrade current ones

full screen  tower defence  strategy

  • avatar
    feland1983 (182) - 2012-08-11, 10:37
    Robot Attack
    Storyline: This is a future city. It is human and robot’s Utopia. This city is their pride. But the lord of robot is not willing to share glory with human. “Without human, our success will be much more.” Therefore, robots make the city full of blood. A mysterious young man stands up to take the special task to attack robots. He steals the core of the lord of robot. All robots start to kill him. He is not just escaping. He is also looking for the Gun-turret that guards the city. Who can decide the future of the city?
    Game Features:
    Towers: *All towers could be upgrade or sell.
    1st Tower: High-speed weapon, can release raining bullets. Worth $50.
    2nd Tower: Simple and reliable weapon with good damage. Worth $60.
    3rd Tower: Short range weapon, can attack multi robots at one time. Worth $100.
    4th Tower: Release lightning, freeze robots and harm them. Worth $120.
    5th Tower: Particularly effect for aerial target. Worth $350.
    6th Tower: Launch giant bullets, for giant targets. Worth $350.
    7th Tower: Short range weapon, can shoot flame, burn the floor and harm the passing robots. PS: For ground. Worth $500.
    8th Tower: With heavy attack to target in land and air. Worth $2400.
    9th Tower: With strong damage, heavy attack to robots. PS: For ground target only. Worth $2400.
    10th Tower: Super speed weapon with high damage. Worth $2800.
    1st Bomb: Robots breakthrough the defense? Choose crane and click the screen to clamp it. Worth $10.
    2nd Bomb: To bomb the robots, damage power is stronger. Worth $100.
    3rd Bomb: Click scene and use this weapon to hurt multi-targets. Worth $200.
    4th Bomb: Bomb multi robots at the same time, has destructive harm. Worth $400.
    1st Building(Platform): Enhance 20 points of life, 60 points of range, and has a 10% chance to cause double attack. Initial Worth $60.
    After game review: Excellent tower defense game with good graphics and background music and sound. Showcases many types of weapons, bombs and upgrades on high tech platform. Very easy game controls but very challenging. On my first game, I only lasted to level 7. Moreover, there is a good concept on the storyline which provides uniqueness of the game.
    Highly recommended to game players out there who are addicted to defense games.
    Two thumbs UP!!! ……

  • avatar
    Tareq (1711) - 2012-07-23, 15:26
    A nice little game. I really enjoyed playing it. Sound quality is good along-with cute graphics. I love visual of the reloading the pistol. Everyone should like this tiny game.

  • avatar
    arjaego (1253) - 2012-04-04, 06:43
    building turrets is what you should be doing during this game, you need to earn more money to help you build more. In order to earn a lot of money you need to destroy the robots

  • avatar
    ktar83 (1182) - 2012-03-24, 16:47
    This is a great game with loads and loads of action. You'll need to defend yourself against the evil robots. Gain more money by destroying the robots.

  • avatar
    mayflortaguic (141) - 2012-03-23, 05:55
    This game is so action. The robot attack. They are hardly be killed. You just don't fire them once but many times in order to be killed. Need more weapons to fight the Robot Attack.

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