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It certainly is a very brave and noble poultry that you will be controlling in the arcade game Bazooka Chicken. You are the supervisor of the farm, just looking over everything that your beloved farmer has worked hard for. There is peace and quiet everywhere and you are just enjoying the view when suddenly, UFOs appear from the sky and starts beaming up the cows up to their platforms for who-knows-what, and as the appointed supervisor, you can’t just let this happen so now it’s time to take up your bazooka and defend the livestock! You are roosted at the left side of the screen at a slightly elevated position, but because you are in the side you may not be able to shoot some of the UFOs that are flying at the far side of the screen if another one is blocking them which could make you lose some of your milk-producing animals, but it’s a good thing that the force of your bazooka is strong enough to make their spaceships unstable and shake them up a little bit which will make them drop their targets. Don’t forget to upgrade after each level, and after a few power-ups that you take, those extraterrestrials won’t know what hit them!

536 Users Played

Use the mouse to aim and shoot at the UFOs
Don’t let the aliens get any of your cows
Upgrade after every level to increase your chances of winning the next stage

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  • avatar
    Tareq (1711) - 2012-07-21, 09:46
    I love this fun shooting games. Protecting the cows from UFOs have never been so funny. Very easy to aim and shoot. Graphics is good with a better sound quality. So what are you waiting for - go save your cows before the aliens capture them.

  • avatar
    fiefo (274) - 2012-06-02, 21:15
    This is a ridiculously fun game! It's really very simple (just shoot the UFOs before they catch the cows) but I just love the way that shooting the aliens makes their tractor beams move around. It's this simple but effective use of physics that really got me engaged with the game.

    It also doesn't hurt that the controls are extremely responsive and I never really felt cheated with each stage. It does get harder (healing UFO and the ones that fire back) but that just made it more fun!

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