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Are you the ultimate archer? Find out with balloon hunter, where you will be putting an end to those balloons that come out of vases. Shoot your arrows to as many balloons as you can by aiming your shot and gauging the power you’ll put into them and release at just the right time, and all of this might take a little practice to master. Winds will also be changing so you have to take it into account or your arrows might be flying on to unexpected directions or fall short of your target. Play with your keyboard or change the settings if you want to use your mouse instead.

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    HeadOfPolice (72) - 2012-06-07, 08:50
    Balloon Hunter made me feel the difficulty of using a bow. Hitting a balloon here is much challenging. You need to take note if the wind is in your direction or towards the other way. In the practice, you can use as much bows you can and you should make it so that you get more practice before you go into the real game. While in the practice, you need to master the wind, the height and the power you need. Most importantly is to master the height when you need to release the arrow. When you mastered everything, you can go into the real game. In the real game, you only have a limited arrow supply. Do not shoot if you think you won't be able to hit any balloons or else it will give you a penalty of one arrow less. Once you have no arrows left, your game ends.

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    arjaego (1253) - 2012-04-04, 06:28
    before you proceed to need to have a lot of practice here. You are shooting a balloon using a bow and arrow but the most difficult part is how you control the bow in order for you to aim and shoot the target, be careful with the wind for it can make the balloons fly a little more faster

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    ktar83 (1182) - 2012-03-24, 16:23
    Trying to hit a balloon with an arrow is no easy task. I did find it a little frustration gauging the angles and releasing the arrows. I believe this might be one of those games that will take a little bit of practice to master.

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