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Play Flight

Throw your paper airplane to great distances in Flight. A game with charm and variety, all you have to do is pick up your very own folded paper plane, launch it skyward and keep it in the air as long as possible. There are many upgrades available for you to do to make your airplane better and collect stars for cash that you will use to upgrade your plane and hit a gold one to fly steadily for a short period of time, hit the red crane origami’s to double the value of those stars, hit windmills to get a last minute boost for your airplane and experience much more in your Flight.

1628 Users Played

Launch your paper airplane into the skies and let it travel for as far as possible.
Upgrade your plane to get better results and avoid negative winds.
Collect the stars for extra cash.
Drag your plane to the right to throw it.
Spacebar – Boost your plane with the engine
Up or down arrow keys – control your plane

flight  plane  simulator

  • avatar
    feland1983 (182) - 2012-07-28, 08:45
    1st Scenario: A little child wishing to Santa to be with her mother this Christmas – It made my heart melts.
    1st Location: London – able to finish it on 11th day. I know it’s not the best number of days the 1st location was completed but I know that I did well.
    2nd Scenario: A guy been hit by the paper plane thrown by the little girl and thinking it was his girl and re-throw it again wishing that his girl would read it – It made me laugh.
    2nd Location: Paris – able to finish on the 19th day, 3 days earlier on my completion in London and covered more distance ratio.
    3rd Scenario: Middle-eastern Man with a camel that was hit by the paper plane and misinterpreted it to be the end of the World and re-throw the paper plane again – it made me laughed harder.
    3rd Location: Egypt- Greatest distance travelled was 847.36m on the 23rd day and awarded with Galaxy achievement. On the 24th day of my flight, able to achieved long haul due to 1,242.77m of distance covered and big money due to $3,067 of money gained.
    4th Scenario: An African looking child been hit by the paper plane and thought it was a bird and re-launch it to be with the flock of birds – it made me smile because the thought was cute.
    4th Location: Africa – covered 1,183m of distance on the 25th day of flight. Great distance of 1,519.45m was covered on the 27th day.
    5th Scenario: A musician named Yamato found the paper plane and re-launch it again with music cords written all over it – I could somehow relate with it because I love music much but unfortunately music doesn’t love me.
    5th Location: Japan – I’m in the city of Japan in the 28th day of flight. On the 29th day of my flight, another good distance covered, I was able to travel 1,461.55m. On my 31st flight, when my paper breaks down, it was transformed into a turtle on which give me a good laugh and I was amazed on the uniqueness of the idea.
    6th Scenario: As what I have thought in the first time that I saw the letter of the little girl, the paper plane would reach Santa Claus…
    6th Location: The North Pole – able to complete my journey in 33 Days and reach Santa Claus….

    After Game Review:
    The Storyline: The game was way Out of this World. Who would have thought that a paper plane of a little girl wishing for her mommy to be with her in Christmas would travel from London to Paris, from Paris to Egypt, from Egypt to Africa, from Africa to Japan and from Japan to the North Pole and reached Santa Claus???
    Background music: The music is great and it provides a light feeling while playing.
    The Gameplay: While playing the game, I never have felt any kind of stress, I felt light and seems flying with the paper plane.
    Recommendation: Highly recommended to all other computer game players out there. Especially on those people who are dreaming to become a pilot or fly like a bird… The game will surely make you play all over again and aim to complete the journey in lesser number of days…

    Two Thumbs-up...

  • avatar
    Tareq (1711) - 2012-07-23, 15:35
    I just love playing this game. It takes me back to my childhood when I used to play with the paper-planes. Very easy control and nice music make it more enjoyable. The cut-scene part is very cute. I guaranty all of you'll like it. Just play once.

  • avatar
    ktar83 (1182) - 2012-03-22, 22:15
    This is a fun game with lots of variety. See what you can do with an upgraded paper airplane - you will be surprised.

  • avatar
    Narox (340) - 2012-03-05, 01:49
    Playing this almost makes me want to make some paper airplanes but I think I'll just stick to the online game. This is a very fun game, the upgrades add a little longevity to the game. My favorite part has to be the rocket on my paper airplane.

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